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Endüstriyel Mutfak Boru ve Profilleri  
Industrial Buckets  
Industrial Buckets (Aided)  
Type of industry Colander  
Type of industry Colander (Aided)  
Industrial Coarse  
Industrial Coarse (Aided)  
Sauce Grab  
Service Spoon  
Perforated Spoon Services  
Service Spatula  
Perforated Spatula Services  
Service Fork  
Monoblock Industry Colander  
Monoblock Industrial Buckets  
Colander Coarse monoblock Industry  
Monoblock Service Spoon  
Spoon Monoblock Services (holes)  
Sauce Spoon Monoblock Service  
Sauce Spoon monoblock Services (holes)  
Monoblock Service Spatula  
Monoblock Service Spatula (holes)  
Monoblock Service Meat Fork (2 Mouth)  
Monoblock Service Meat Fork (3 Mouth)  
Goblet Ice Cream Holders  
Standard Ice Cream Holders  
Ice Bucket and Champagne Bucket  
Clips 5011 - 5012  
Cover pot and knob Bucket 5013  
Side pot handle M1 - M2 - M3  
Cover pot and knob Frame Model 5004 - 5005 - 5006  
Carriage Hill Bucket Cover  
Presentation of  
Ashtrays time  
Heated Sauce - Tray  
Footed Fruit  
Storey Etejer  
Self Service - Breakfasts  
Round Trays  
Rectangular Tray  
Butcher Trays  
Tubs of appetizers  
Jam - Sweet Bowl  
Spice (Cover)  
Rice Scale